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games will be beneficial as I continue with teaching because I will apply different games to emphasize on some concepts and promote team-work in the class. In order to manage my class effectively, I will appoint a student leader to start with but the position will be rotational after a period of two weeks (Burke, 1999). However, the student leader will not be center of attention as I will be assigning different responsibilities to all students equally. For example, there will be a student in charge of the board and another one will be the time-keeper. I will involve the class in coming up with a set of rules against which we will state the punishment for breaking them. The first icebreaker activity...

games. Socialization (e.g., visiting, phone calls, parties, correspondence) Attend church services but would like to attend parties and other socializing events. 56007024034758 8 55054517557757 07 5334005480058 08 STEPS 3 & 4: SCORING -INITIAL ASSESSMENT and REASSESSMENT Confirm with the client the 5 most important problems and record them below. Using the scoring cards, ask the client to rate each problem on performance and satisfaction, then calculate the total scores. Total scores are calculated by adding together the performance or satisfaction scores for all problems and dividing by the number of problems. At reassessment, the client scores each problem again for performance and...

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games is worthy for him due to his idea that they may help him expand his bodily harmonization as well as the ability of attentiveness. The adaptation level is the phenomenon in which one views his current happiness in the light of our past level of happiness. Jim is dissatisfied his current yearly salary because he is still influenced by what he was sometimes earning back. Notably, his perception regarding his previous earnings has blurred his current annual salary, which is the highest he has ever received. Relative deprivation is the phenomenon in which one interprets his current state of happiness in comparison to the condition of happiness of other people. Carla’s argument is founded on this...