Future Wheels – Tourism As a Tool To Promote Community Built Capital

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Can Tho city is famous for its agri-tourism in Vietnam which was established and started operating since 2004. The city being under the national government had many challenges initially, but they overcame the challenges gradually in all sectors, that is economical, social, political, infrastructural and environmental ("Portal Can Tho"). Built capital has consequently been improved through tourism in the most significant manner. Usually, the significance of infrastructure goes unnoticed until they are degraded and not functional, because when they fail they cause a lot of inconveniences that were unforeseen in the community. This indicates the measure of correlation and coordination the built capital has to have with the rest of the well-being capitals for its importance to be felt. Three features of tourism promote built capital; any means of transportation, accommodation, and communication. Transportation; with tourism transport is pervasive, in that, all foreign tourists must fly, drive or travel by boats or trains and so do the locals who are termed the domestic tourists. There the accessibility of any tourist site, which is usually remote, is critical. In Can Tho, the introduction of oversight committees to regulate and push for implementation of projects that are aimed at improving tourism will positively impact the infrastructure (Athanasopoulou, 2013). The challenges faced by the transportation sector is delays in the actualization of projects and construction of critical structures. Therefore, oversight committees will push for achievement of goals within the deadline. Transport involves all means from air, land, and water; air travel can be boosted through the

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