Future of Policing Proposal

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FUTURE OF POLICING PROPOSAL Name Institution Abstract The future of policing will be entirely different than what it used to be back in the days. The nature of policing has been embedded with primary changes to its core functionality. These very changes have been observed to come into being because of the rise in technology discovery and inventions in the world today and also through the formulation of effective measures to counter-attack crime (Gregory, Wollman, Wilk & Lai, 2011). The changes are noticed due to the various trends that are being observed. The trends in focus will be the "Drone technology" and "aerial surveillance" and the "Biometrics GPS tracking” consisting of devices in “geo-tracking” and “metadata." The pros and cons of these trends will also be discussed in detail concerning their implementation process and also the nature in which agencies apply these trends into their policing system. These changes will bring a difference in the way crime is handled in the society. They will also cut down on the amount of manual work being performed by the police in their day-to-day activities. The society is changing from day to day. Crimes committed in the modern world are different from those committed some years back. Additionally, the way in which crimes are performed has drastically changed compared with past events. For instance, terrorism was initially thought to be identifiable from the use of weapons of mass destruction. However, changes have occurred, in that, terrorist acts can be committed without the terrorists being in the targeted area. As stated earlier policing, has had some alterations with time. The system has changed

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