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Fundraising programs Institution affiliation Name of student Date Fundraising program 1 The signature sports club is planning a fundraising program to supplement the program funds needed for the smooth operation of the organization. The management has decided to hold some activities to bring together the entire fraternity to ensure the success of the event. The fundraising will take place 5th march o the clubs pitch field. The club members are all invited to bring along their families because there will be a variety of activities across all ages (Lindley, 2015)). Our prioritized events of the day include: Walkathon and fun field day This is a great way to contribute in the promotion of health and physical exercise while at the same time bring together all the club members to socialize and interact. The weather currently is favorable and will ensure maximum participation. The preferable date is on the 5th March 2018 at our club meeting point, and the walkathon will take place on the passing lane through wisteria lane a distance of 2km from 9 am to 11am.members will be charged for participation on the admission desk. After that, the field day will continue from 11 am where the members will participate in potato sack races, tug of war and skating. The club member will be divided into teams randomly, and every participation will require a payment of participants' fee each at 15dollars.the winning team will be awarded a trophy and certificate while the losing side will pay a fine of 100dollar for each game involved. Match day Carwash The club has organized a car wash expedition where the club members wash the

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