Fukushima 50 (Japan Nuclear Disaster)

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THE FUKUSHIMA 50 Name Institution If the accident had taken place in another country, for example, the United States collateral damage measures could have been applied. The majority of workers could have been evacuated to another location for safety reasons. Afterward, experts responsible for managing and handling nuclear-related disasters at the organization and from across the country were bound to provide solutions before a major tragedy took place. The professionals could have applied their skills to prevent damage to the environment. The main reason being, all major corporations across the world comprise of a team of experts ready to provide their expertise in handling disasters and emergencies. (Kobayashi et. al, 2013) A similar scenario of a nuclear disaster where a lot of people risked or rather traded their lives to save others is the “Chernobyl disaster” of 1986 in Ukraine. According to Likhtarev, Kovgan, and Anspaugh (2002), after the accident “most citizens panicked but brave patriots comprising of nuclear material experts, security personnel, government authorities, medical officials, and firefighters among others, played a significant role in assisting those who were helpless.” The impact of the accident was so big that it took approximately 600,000 workers to decontaminate the environment. The incident shows that in the society a group of individuals is always eager to provide assistance whenever disasters and emergencies occurred. (In Jarvie-Eggart et.al 2015) From the case study, a few ethical principles arise and which motivated the Fukushima 50. Such as the principle of benevolence and social benefit where the 50 workers played the role

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