Freud and Nietzsch

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Freud and Nietzsche Freud and Nietzsche will remain two of the greatest minds in philosophy. Their ideas were grounded on the complexity of humans based on how the society affect one’s conscious and behavior. The theories of Freud and Nietzsche can be correlated to explain human morality and personality (Beardsworth, 113). However, they contrasted on personal perception of thoughts, feelings, memories and wishes of humanity. Sigmund Freud believed that humans have split personalities guided by private realm, personality, and principles. He also claimed that human’s unconscious mind houses all these distinct personalities and each of them is exhibited on an equal plane based on the context. Nietzsche's idea explored a raging battle in our subconscious between the artistic Dionysian and intelligent Apollonian parts of our mind (Assoun, 108). Nietzsche asserts the latter exists on a common plane though one may emerge dominant than the other. There are several similarities between ideas and theories developed by the two philosophers. An unconscious mind identifies humankind that dynasties individuality, character traits, and ego. The principle of psycho-analysis explains how the mind is subdivided into conscious and unconscious states. However, Freud and Nietzsche pointed that the unconscious mind is subject repression through obnoxious feelings and thoughts (Chapman & Miria, 252). The end results are a comfortably emotional person with a disguised way of expressing their sentiments. Repressed emotions invoke distinctive feelings which invoke liberal sentiments for the case of hostile acts. Dreaming is a

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