Frererick Douglass

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Frederick Douglass Biography Fredrick Douglas is portrayed as an abolitionist, an orator and an author in America in the 19th century. During the anti-slavery movement, he became an eminent human rights activist and the first black American to hold a high office in the United States government. Douglass, Frederick. "Learning to Read." Reading the World: Ideas that Matter. Ed. Michael Austin. 3rd ed. New York, WW Norton, 2015. This article gives a clear history of Fredrick Douglas, how he learned how to read and write and how he became an abolitionist in America. Moreover, it goes on to give a clear review of how he escaped to New York, due to the form of slavery that he was subjected to at his home. The article portrays that he engaged himself in speaking tours and edited a black newspaper, the North Star, which was trusted by the escaped slaves and helped them find their way to Freedom. In the article, the author describes the world opening up for him as he goes through different experiences around the country. The article is kind of interesting and gives detailed information about the events that were taking place. Staff. “Frederick Douglass.”, A&E Television Networks, 2009, In this article, Fredrick Douglas has been described as a slave who went ahead to be a prominent anti-slavery activist. The article has portrayed him as a person who levied powerful indictment against slave trade and racism that was occurring in America. He is seen as an individual who embraced anti-slavery activities and preached a personal brand of American

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