freedom from colonial America through the conclusion of the Civil War

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: FREEDOM IN AMERICA The fight liberty has been one of the main reasons why America gets involved in wars. America fought for the new birth of freedom in the Civil War; it was also involved in the Cold War to fight for the free world. The people of America demonstrated the freedom from slavery by fleeing from the slave masters and fighting for the right to vote. The meaning of freedom has become a hard nut to crack, and that is why it has always led to the battlefield throughout the history of America. The boundaries of freedom have been extended over time so that everybody understands it better. Women, men, workers, racial minorities secured freedom the way they understood it. When the settlers of Great Britain arrived in the North American colonies, they came with their understanding of liberty. To them, freedom was the privileges someone enjoyed depending on the social status and nationality. This meant that only a segment of people enjoyed freedom such doing trade, owning property and voting. Men enjoyed dominance over women but did have economic freedom because they did own property and only a small section of the population was allowed to vote. The situation in the colonial America encouraged enjoyment of freedom; there was plenty of land for men, and they had the right to vote. Religion became part of life, and there was rapid spread of churches. The of the charter of privileges of 1971 prevented those who believed in God from being punished for the religious acts. The voting booths had only immigrants from abroad, but after the civil war the former slaves were allowed to vote, women were still left out of the ballot. It took

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