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Name: Instructor:Course: Date: Book Summary: The Dumbest Generation Mark Bauerlein, in his book, The Dumbest Generation, discusses alarming evolving trends among the young American population. Technology is an immensely beneficial tool whose incorporation in our education system in this digital renaissance helps educate our youth as they have access to digital information, content, and resources availed via Google, Wikipedia, and other encyclopedias. There is widespread access to mobile phone devices in which access to the internet is a possible aspect, and with the advent of social media such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs on many subjects, so much significant time that could be utilized is spent on them. It, therefore, impacts that we understand the impact which technology has had on our digital generation, and as Bauerlein writes, incorporation of technology has only "contracted the horizon of young American minds unto themselves and the social scene around them" instead of opening them up to science, politics, and civilization (10). He quotes various statistics that reveal increasing high school and college dropouts annually, falling literacy rates, and rapid degradation of traditional values and knowledge. An “immense opportunity exists today for the young people to tap into compile knowledge, elevate their taste, cultivate their skill, and mold their expertise” (12). However, these technologies have made them isolate themselves into cocoons of entertainment news, teen imagery, games, hot gossip, and multiple communications on social media (4). They have nurtured a “brazen disregard of books and reading” following the “underuse or

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