Free Speech Revised

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STUDENT’S NAME PROFESSOR’S NAME COURSE NUMBER DATE FREE SPEECH Preposition-A danger of restricting internet content is that authoritarian countries use public safety as an excuse to limit free speech-con Although everyone has the right to access information, public safety is paramount that is why it is not dangerous when authoritative countries limit free speech for the sake of the safety of its people. Most of these countries have the mandate to restrict speech in platforms such as social media without consulting the public. This is after considering and analyzing the impacts that free speech might have on the safety of the people. It is necessary to limit free speech after the authoritarian countries have analyzed the content of the speech or videos and are convinced that such might stir war amongst the people. When there is war or violence, many innocent citizens will be harmed or killed. An example is an anti-Islamic video showing the murder of United States ambassador as highlighted by (Somini 1). This could have incited war and even killings in Libya and Egypt that's why it was necessary that the video be a ban in these two countries. Limiting free speech for the sake of public safety is also necessary to avoid issues such as racism that is common especially on the internet. Some countries have been fighting racism for many centuries now. Racism threatens public safety as people who belong to a particular race might feel threatened or discriminated against leading to unrest in a country. Therefore it is not dangerous when free speech that is considered racist is limited. Shutting down of mobile networks to enhance safety and security of both public

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