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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Free Medline Cancer disease is one of the major infections that kill most people in the world today. The disease kills both men and women but more prone to women than men. Some kinds of cancer which attack women include cervical cancer as well as the breast cancer. Breast cancer has the leading infection in terms of percentage of cancer diseases. Exercise has been found to be playing a major role in the curing of the cancer diseases. During the exercise, the fatigue of cancer disease is dealt with just like any other form of fatigue which arises when one does exercise. When women do exercise, their breasts flaps and there is free circulation of blood in the whole body parts, and this makes the fatigue which would have caused breast cancer to be removed since the oxygen is transported to the whole parts of the body. When the patients who do exercise were compared to those who do not carry any exercise, it was realized that those who do exercise could live longer with the infection as compared to the ones who do not do any form of exercise. The patients who do exercise have stronger immunity system since their blood cells are ever active and can fight the infections (Stricker et al. 963-976). The exercises also make the body lively since there is enough oxidation in the body cells. Similarly, the exercise strengthens the body parts and therefore the infection is not able to penetrate easily into the body. As a business man who owns a gymnasium, I would include the importance of exercise in the treatment of cancer. It will ensure that many people come so that those who have not been infected remains safer and those

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