Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and Least Restrictive Environment (LRE )

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Student: Professor: Course: Date:FAPE is an acronym for ‘Free and Appropriate Public Education’ for all disabled learners. It is currently known as IDEA. FAPE includes a suitable pre-school, secondary, and middle education that accepts funds from the public and it is under its control. An individualized school program called IEP is meant to provide students that are determined to receive special education with instructions, support and other services that meet their specific needs. However, these learners must be between the brackets of between 3-21 years. The parents must provide consent for the assessing of the kids since they are included as part of the IEP process (Douvanis et al., p.33). They also should get course rights from the safeguards of the procedures. The Congress regulates the action of this body. FAPE has several components like free education, meeting of the standards set by education agencies, provision of appropriate schooling via IEP implementation and parent participation. It is pertinent to note that the above two concepts are related. Learning for children is affected by the environmental setting. Therefore, these two concepts are inter-dependent. They operate together in the sense that ‘Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)’ may or not happen in the ’least restrictive environment (LRE).’ This normally depends on the provisions of both State and the Federal Law. Ramification of a Court Case involving ‘FAPE’ The case ‘Board of Education v. Rowley’ was the first one concerning special education as well as for the interpretation of FAPE by the Supreme Court. The School District was favored in the case by ruling that

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