Frederick Douglass

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Education: The Key to Freedom Ignorance is the most stubborn chain in the universe because it makes human mind captive and useless. Freedom from any kind of yoke begins with freeing the perception of men and women to see the world as it is and not as it seems. Douglas was writing at the point when slave owners deprived their subjects of information and believed that slavery was natural for an African American. Apparently, slavery thrived on ignorance, and the only liberation would be education. According to the narrative of Douglass, education is the only key to freedom because it sharpens the brain and predetermines the position of a servant; education also elaborates human decency and differentiates it from the life of a beast. Furthermore, education fights ignorance and repels mediocre living standards. This study demonstrates that education is the only key to freedom from slavery. The position of a servant is dependent on knowledge and the literacy level of the servant. An informed servant is a leader by default; it is risky for any master to enslave a learned fellow without suspecting takeover in his home. Douglass says, “If you teach a slave how to read, there would be no means keeping him caged in slavery life. Knowledge would forever make any African American unfit to be a slave. Any educated slave would at once be unmanageable and of no slavery value to the master” (Douglass, 29). The word “unfit to be a slave” suggests that education repels the act of slavery and could possible encourages rebellion towards the slave owners. With some excellent oral and written skills, they could figure out a

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