Frankenstein Analysis

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Frankenstein Analysis De Lacey was an old man who owned the house where Frankenstein’s creature resided for months watching the family carry out its daily activities. The old man descended from an influential and well-respected family in France. His children, Agatha and Felix, were well bred and were among the distinguished within the region. Their misfortunes began when Safie’s father (Muhammadan) was sentenced to death after he began obnoxious towards the government. He was a wealthy Turkish man that had inhabited Paris for many years. He had a daughter called Safie. On the day of his trial, Felix had been at the courthouse and was touched by the court’s decision. In his pursuit to help the man to escape the atrocious judgment of the court, Felix met the man’s daughter and instantly fell in love with her. He, however, continued with the plans of helping the merchant to escape prison despite Safie’s protests. Safie’s mother was an Arab Christian who was taken captive by Turks and got married to Muhammadan. She had implored Safie to follow the Christian values that would allow her to be free from the bondage of religious culture that forbade women to explore their intellectual capabilities. Fortunately, Felix managed to help the man to break out of the prison and in return, the man gave him his daughter's hand in marriage. However, Safie’s father was not fully committed to letting his son marry Felix, in fact, he loathed the idea. So, he hatched a plan of betraying Felix to the government. Before he could implement his plans, the actions of Felix were discovered, and they were thrown into prison. His father

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