France Prisons

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France Prisons Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The French Prison System The type of prisons in France depends on the category of people or public they harbor. There are the short term or short stay prisons which are used to house those that their cases are underway to the decision making and those people that are serving a sentence of fewer than two years. The short stay jails are the highest crowded in the country. The detention center is another type which houses individuals who have completed their sentence and are ready to be released back to the society. The central prisons harbor dangerous criminals (Wikipedia, 2017). They incorporate intensive security systems and very robust detention system. A penitentiary center is another category of prison which constitutes many different types in it. For instance, a center may have a detention center as well as a central jail in it. There is also the semi-custodial center which houses those awaiting release and the juvenile for the minors. Overcrowding and Prison Statistics As of 2014, the prisons in France were considered highly populated and congested. In 2017, the population was estimated to be at 68547 a number that included the French overseas departments and excluding individuals not detained in penal institutions. The estimation of the imprisonment of population per 100,000 was 101 as of October 2017 data obtained from France national statistics (World Prison Brief, 2017). The population has increased in the recent time with the trend showing a constant rise. Health The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture reviewed the health conditions in the prisons regarded it as adverse. The

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