France Comparative Corrections

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France Comparative Corrections Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Following violent attacks, a state of emergency was declared and extended four times more than the normal which has impacted on human rights unreasonably. Several attacks happened between the period 2016/2017 which involved killings and where most of them were deliberate (Amnesty International, 2017). Following that, the parliament voted to extend the state of emergency which gave the police and the internal security ministry more powers. They can conduct searches to homes without the necessary judicial authorization. They can also take individuals through a process of administrative control measures to the likelihood of terrorist attacks. The facilitation of the activity is by unclear evidence which does not certify the minimum requirement for a person to be prosecuted. The state of emergency has also disproportionately inhibited the freedom to private life and the right to free movement of people. The parliament also raised a new law to strengthen the administrative powers together with the judicial to curd terrorism. The minister of the interior along with the police are now allowed to perform regulatory control measures to people coming back from terror areas. The motive is to curb the threat that they might have adopted following their stay in such areas. The danger might be a compromise to the public security which is vital to enhancing internal coherence (Amnesty International, 2017). On the rights inhibition, the parliament also raised the rule to stop access to websites alleged to be inciting and encouraging terrorism. That will be unless the sites are consulted in a motive to do

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