Four Step Decision Making Model

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Four Step Decision Making Model Air Pollution Control Name: Institution: Date: Air pollution is a big problem affecting my county owing to the heavy commercial activities in the county. The increased level of air pollution is particularly of concern because it threatens the health of the residents since air pollution has always been associated with many respiratory and lifestyle diseases. Smog which originates from vehicle and factory emissions is one of the greatest contributors to air pollution in the county. Past reports by government agencies such as the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) indicated that many counties in the US violate the federal air pollution standards something which seems to be true in our county (Massachusetts Department of Environment, 2007). If the current air pollution levels in the county are not reduced, it is highly likely that more people will have asthma, eye problems, high lead levels in blood and other complications. For this reason, it is important to consider some of the measures that can be put in place to avert such problems. Going by the international best practices, one of the policies local policymakers can adopt is to encourage residents to purchase cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Based on recent studies, the large number of private cars, buses, police cars, trucks and fire engines operating in the county contribute to air pollution. However, if people switched to ‘greener’ cars the problem of air pollution can be reduced. Green vehicles produce less emissions since they have high fuel-efficiency. Some of the green vehicle options include hybrid-electric vehicles which run on green energy such as

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