Four Ethical Frameworks

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There are four ethical frameworks that pertain to what is wrong or right. Philosophers argue there is no specific way to determine whether a decision is ethically right or wrong. As such, the use of reason and moral judgment comes before the action. This essay seeks to examine a decision-making scenario whereby as a high school English teacher, I have noticed some students are in the school illegally. While it would be right to report the students to the school administration, it goes beyond moral reasoning to conduct such an action given that some students have challenges in their home country. This essay seeks to examine the four ethical frameworks and to apply them in making the decision of whether to report suspicious students or to fail to offer information to the school administration and protect the immigrant students. Rights and Duties Rights and duties are the first ethical framework. Rights define what persons and individuals should expect as part of their due, while duties are associated with the rights. The above ethical framework, therefore, contends that if people neglect their duties, the rights of others will be neglected. In the case study, it is clear that my duty as a high school teacher is the provision of instructions and guidance to students. An extended duty is to abide by the laws and policies of my employer . Therefore by failing to report foreign students who might be in the institution illegally, above decision would be a breach of the institution policies and internal controls. Failure to report immigrant students might potentially affect the rights of native students. Maximizing Good in the World The second ethical framework pertains to

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