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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Formal Critique The leaf is a drape painting by a renowned artist Sam Gilliam. The artwork is considered one of the most important paintings for the artist because it marketed the beginning of a new era both in the industry and for Gilliam as an individual. The artwork was created in 1970 and has been showcased in different galleries in the United States and beyond. The leaf is made of various colors including both primary and secondary colors. The mixture of these colors gives the painting a modern look. The artist uses bright colors on the side of the painting and a mild mixture of colors at the bottom and the middle of the painting. The use of these bright colors at the edges helps to draw the attention of the audience to the entire painting. Moreover, the painting hangs on the ceiling without the support of stretchers. The upper part of the canvas is narrower than the bottom part to give the painting an ideal shape. The leaf is a very important piece even for modern artists because it inspires innovation and creativity for artists. Although the artist did not follow the conventional laws of creating painting at the time, the leaf is a very attractive peace that shows the wits and genius nature of the painter. The artist’s ability to play with colors and light makes the artwork very attractive and emotionally inspiring. The message that the artwork represents clearly to the world is that artists can use their creative abilities to go beyond the normal expectations of the industry. Further, the leaf is a representation of artists’ freedom. By looking at the leaf, one gets the feeling that confining artists only serves to limit

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