For bringing back animals that are extinct

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NameInstructor Course Date De-Extinction: Resurrecting Extinct Species De-extinction is the restoration of species that no longer exist or has died out. After the release of Jurassic Park, nearly twenty-three years ago, the vision of reviving the dinosaur has remained a science fiction. However, several decades to come, scientists could be able to restore most of the extinct species such as passenger pigeon, thylacine or a wooly mammoth. Unfortunately, there is some controversy if bringing back extinct species would be beneficial to the natural world or detriment to wildlife. Some of the benefits of reviving the extinct animals are that it would be a technological advancement. It would assist in preserving biodiversity, increase people’s visitation to conservation parks and zoos, bring back diminished ecosystems, improve the science required to inhibit further extinctions and undo the harm that human beings have done to cause the animals become extinct in the first place. The focus of writing this paper is to discuss the benefits of bringing back extinct animals to the world. It would be a significant advancement scientifically. Technological progress of using genetic engineering would help make the process of de-extinction become a reality. According to Live Science and Discovery News, some biologist in 2003 produced a Pyrenean ibex clone using a tissue sample that had been frozen from its species earlier in 2000 before it became extinct. However, seven minutes after its birth the cloned Pyrenean ibex died of physical flaws in its lungs. Despite its death, it made scientists recognize that they were able to bring back extinct species. As the technology of

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