Food safety

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Student`s Name: Instructor: Course:Date: Ref: Food Safety Dear Instructor and Fellow Classmates, The super-availability of cheap food is one of the biggest issues facing our state. Junk food is readily available at a less costly price than that of fresh produce of green vegetables and fruits. The average American can afford to go into a drive through and get their portion of unhealthy food and snacks for a cheaper price than what he or she will spend going to the supermarket while shopping for good food. Many people consider the costs of food. The low price and availability of such food make it an easy choice but not necessarily a healthy one. Unhealthy food is a precursor to bad health and leads to the occurrence of various types of diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Robert Kenner, in The Truth about Your Food documentary, says, “we have skewed our food system to the bad calories, and the reason why the calories are cheaper is that they are heavily subsidized”(n.p). It is evident in this statement that the price indicates a particular individual`s choice of food. This needs to change to prioritizing on quality of food available to the people. Healthy foods have to be cheaper and more accessible. According to Michael Pollan, in Eat Food: Food Defined talks of real food as ordinary. Food that is grown and rots. This type of food brings benefit to the body. He is of the opinion that people should avoid food with ingredients that are not familiar, foods with five ingredients or more and corn syrup with high-fructose. Pollan advocates for natural food and its products because this is what is beneficial to the body. If we want to lower the incidence of

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