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Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date War Questions 1)The use of suppressive fire and maneuver that is applied by people trained to use automatic weapons and rifles. It is a tactic that aims at overpowering the enemy and decreasing their ability to retaliate. This tactic ensures that the enemy is more concerned with not being shot than with shooting back. This tactic applied in the First World War by Erwin Rommel. It can involve two soldiers to execute. It is effective as it prevents the enemy from assessing attack and organizing their defense. 2) Booker T. Washington advised blacks to accept discrimination and to focus on their efforts to gain material prosperity, as a way of gaining the respect of whites. He said that this would help them be accepted and recognized as citizens. W.E.B Du Bois advised the Blacks to apply the philosophy of agitation and protest for civil rights. He argued that social rights would be accomplished if the college-educated blacks came together to form a small group that would champion for their rights. Bois’ advice is the best as it ensured that the Blacks were actively involved in the mainstream. It also perpetuated white oppression and allowed them to be given their suffrage rights and were allowed to participate in elections. 3) US involvement in Vietnam War was mainly in supplying military and economic aid to South Vietnam. However, the US should have avoided the war. It resulted in a high number of casualties and political demonstrations. The US could have organized peace talks between North and South Vietnam instead of going against the Communists. When the US denied further aid, it resulted in many

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