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Name Instructor Course Date The Impact of Inequality on Women’s Health Women’s health is a topic that continues to attract much attention around the United States of America. Over the years, women have experienced segregation when attempting to access health facilities. A number of reasons have led to women’s underrepresentation in hospitals or other health centers. To this effect, some factors like social inequalities, economic disparity, sexual or intimacy-related violent activities, and gender discrimination have come to play in explaining the deteriorating level of health among the female populace. The aspect of social inequality influences the construction of the meaning of men and women. This way women are considered less important than the male population. It is unfortunate that the health sector also adopts the same meaning overlooking the needs of the female gender (Wimer, 8). Furthermore, it is evident that health practitioners do not take an interest in understanding the biological cause of the women’s ailments. However, doctors suggest that the effects of stereotyping are the key source of their illness. Sexism impedes the access to beneficial health care among women living in the U.S. In addition, economic disparities have adverse effects on the health conditions of women living in the U.S. In their article ‘One in Five Californians Live in Poverty,’ Pickoff-White and Aguilar argued that many families living in California were poor. The California report demonstrated that families living below the poverty range accounted for approximately 20 percent of the populace (Lisa and Erika, 1). From their findings, it is noteworthy to

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