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FMEA Process Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation FMEA Process Bathing Process Bathing is a very crucial aspect that everyone has to embrace, particularly if possible on a daily basis. Showering makes someone look beautiful, reduces sugar levels in the body, removes toxins from the body, it boosts the immune system of the body, relieves stress and induces sleep to most people. Bathing also capacitates proper working of the lungs, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension, and treats depression. It has been known to improve libido in men, especially those taking cold baths early in the morning (Slegers 2011). Based on these facts concerning showering, there is an important procedure or steps to be followed when taking a shower. The process is as outlined; Rinse the bathtub if it was used recently and left dirty Plug the drain and allow the water to flow into the bath until it is two-thirds full Assemble all the toiletries required for bathing. Place them near the tub. They include; the washcloth, towel, bathing soap, and skin moisturizer if possible. Dismiss your clothes and then get into the tub, beneath the washcloth in water, apply soap on it and rub the flannel on your face, then the body to clean them. Immerse yourself in the water and finally get out of the bathtub. Dry off your body by using a towel. Put on dry and clean clothes and rinse the bathtub to leave it clean, drain water from the tub, then allow fresh water to run once more from the tap. To sum, knowing the correct steps to follow while taking a bath is essential, and it is must be incorporated so as to ensure that the bathing process is enjoyable at the same time faster

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