Florence Nightingale

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Your name Professor’s name Course name Date of submission Florence Nightingale Born to a family affiliated with gentility in 1820, Florence Nightingale was an Italian nurse. She was, however, raised and bred in England where she died in 1910. Unlike most English women, Nightingale did not indulge in domestic and house duties, the stereotypical idea accorded to females in their society. Albeit her parents dismissed her ambitions on class and moral grounds, she rebelled and instead, fulfilled them in a German Institution. Florence Nightingale was determined to fight for civil liberties ensuring that people lived in freedom. The Crimean War that took place from 1853-1856, witnessed Nightingale’s influence on civil liberties. The nurse, together with other colleagues, was well prepared to take care of individuals during the altercation between Russia and France (“Florence Nightingale” Encyclopedia of World Biography). Right from her career choice, it is salient that Nightingale possessed a heart of helping other people. As medical works are considered a calling, it is safe to infer the nurse’s passion toward eradicating problems and difficulties in people’s lives. Nightingale ensured that the soldiers in The Crimean War received medical, physical and psychological care. Her significant role during The War between France and Russia intensifies the activist’s indulgence in acquisition of rights and freedom among citizens. “The Lady of the Lamp” was a title accorded to the nurse due to her actions of literal and figurative illumination apropos of these soldiers during war. Nightingale’s civil activism during The Crimean War reduced the chances of

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