Florence Kelley

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Florence Kelley Student’s Name Institution Path to the Social Work Career Florence Kelley was born in 1858 and by 1882 she had graduated from Cornel University. She worked as a part-time women instructor in Philadelphia. She later traveled to Europe to attend the Zurich University. While in England, Kelley developed an interest in socialism, which led to her translating Friedrich Engels’s work ‘The Working Class Conditions in England’ that was published in 1887 (WW, 2016). Kelley returned to the U.S in 1886 and published a pamphlet about ‘Our Toiling Children.’ In 1892, she investigated the slum condition in Chicago. She compiled a report that evidenced the miserable working conditions of women, and the situation of child labor; this led to her appointment as a chief factory inspector. In 1894, Kelley became a law graduate from Northwestern University. With a law degree, she set to change the women working conditions and abolish child labor in the U.S. Kelley organized both local and state consumer leagues where he advocated for women and children rights. In 1902 and 1909, she founded the child labor committee and the NAACP respectively (WW, 2016). Contributions Kelley contributed the following in her life; she improved the living and working conditions for children and women; in this regard, she advocated for women rights that resulted in the reduction of the average working hours. On the other hand, she formed organizations such as the NYCLC that helped in the exclusion of children from the labor industry. The improved living and working conditions were later integrated into the constitution forming a fundamental basis of the labor laws.

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