Fiscal Policy

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: United States Fiscal Policy A government’s fiscal policy is important for the country’s economic development. It determines the economy’s outcome by regulating the taxation rates and the government spending levels. Ultimately, the fiscal policy takes center stage in determining the country’s economic stability. In a large economy like the United States, the setting of the fiscal policy is not as easy as predicted. However, the Obama government has been able to enact good fiscal policies to stabilize the economy. For instance, the government made effective fiscal stimulus that was crucial in lifting the country from the deep hole in the economy caused by the great depression of 2008. Currently, many governments are prone to economic eventualities hence the need to understand hoe the fiscal policy can be used to eliminate destabilization of the economy. Donald Trump has just been elected as the president of the United States hence numerous speculations on how he will package the country's fiscal policy. In his campaigns for the presidency, Trump intimated that he would make American Great by cutting taxes of highest earners from 39.6% to about 33% and the corporate income tax from the current 35% to 15%. Such fiscal policy is highly influential in the country’s economy. The tax cuts are meant to benefit business owners and wealthy citizens (Irwin N.p). However, it the tax rates for the average citizen will remain the same. Further, Donald Trump has promised to increase the funding for public infrastructure to a tune of about $550 billion hence increasing the public spending to a great extent. While

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