Finding out lives of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X+ writing a shot obituary for both (sources given)

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Name Tutor Course Date Martin Luther Jr. and Malcolm X Obituaries Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights principal born on January 12, 1929 in Atlanta ( 1). His parents taught him about treating people with respect which later became an important aspect of the civil right movement. Growing up, King learned that the blacks and whites had different treatment which motivated him in his movement. In his college years, he met Coretta Scott and they later got married. In 1954, King received his Ph.D. and was then on known as Dr. King and appointed the preacher of “Dexter Avenue Baptist Church” in Alabama (Heroes and Villains 1). Dr. King was among the individuals who fought for racial segregation and the importance of ending it in the United States. In 1957, Dr. King was selected the head of the “Southern Christian Leadership Conference” and soon after that year led a mass of people to the Lincoln Memorial and this was when he became the leader of the civil right association. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Tennessee On April 4, 1968, where he was supposed to lead a peaceful protest of workers on low salaries (BBC 1). Dr. King will be remembered for his nonviolent approach to his fight for getting rid of segregation. Malcolm X was an African American religious leader and human rights activists born on May 19, 1925 (Biography 1). He was the fourth among eight siblings and the family was prone to harassment from white supremacists form when he was born. However, in 1964, he got arrested for larceny and served 10 years n jail (Biography 1). After his release from prison, he became a leader of the Nation of Islam in Harlem where he

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