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Measurement Instrument Student Name Institution Affiliation Measurement Instrument Social workers help us in resolving personal and interpersonal issues. They can be employed as advocates, lawyers’ bankers among others. For a social worker practitioner, there are important social work ethics that require them to provide their clients with the best treatment. To achieve this, they will need to involve all assessment methods to access their client’s situation. Measurement instruments can be defined as health and psychosocial tools that help in the assessment procedures. These instruments include checklists, inventories, rating scales, questionnaires among others. A variety of measurement tools exists ranging from simple to complex. They can be quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative measures the concrete and specific aspects such as the clients’ feelings, behavior, and thoughts among others. A commonly used tool is the questionnaire. They can be carried out with one meeting their clients face to face or through a computer. The questions should be detailed as well as simple for the clients to understand. It is easy to gather lots of information through the questionnaire from a large group of people (Rubin, & Babbie, 2008). The researcher has the choice of being present when the information is being gathered or not. In most cases, the questionnaire has both the open and closed questions. They are most effective when measuring people’s behaviors, attitudes, and opinions. This instrument can be used to gather information from people of any age, gender, and race hence suitable for any population. In conclusion, it is the responsibility of a social worker

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