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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Reading the World: Ideas that Matter by Michael Austin “Reading the World: Ideas that matter” is an anthology comprising of works from the greatest thinkers worldwide. It seeks to offer a global perspective on issues such as Education, the Human nature and the mind, Arts, Language and Rhetoric, War and Peace, Science and government and Law and government. The book is edited by Michael Austin to foster an understanding by synchronizing the works to create a good flow. The essay particularly concentrates on the first chapter, Education, where the editor discusses various individuals that had insightful ideas on education. Austin uses assertions by different personalities to elucidate the issue of education and its importance in the society. Through the ideas of John Henry Newman, the first part of the chapter argues that education is not literal as most people take it. It is a process that is not only intended to generate knowledge but also foster understanding thereby affecting other important parts of life, “It had to teach the body of knowledge and set of skills that while, not immediately applicable to any kind of work, were vital to the growth and development of human being” (Newman 3). I can back up this idea from my experiences at school specifically in college. Unlike earlier forms of education in such as the elementary and middle schools where education may be a bit confusing, I find that what I learn in college is far important from my growth and that it equips me to handle life’s challenges in general and not prepare me for any kind of job. Further, through the assertions of Seneca, Austin

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