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Name Professor’s name Unit Date Gerrymandering Gerrymandering is defined as the process of achieving a political advantage through the manipulation of the lawmaking districts. Wisconsin applied gerrymandering to favor Republicans at the expense of Democrat legislators. In the process of gerrymandering, a particular political party is given an advantage by manipulating district jurisdictions. The method of manipulating the boundaries of legislative districts is not only used to gain a political advantage, but it is also used to favor or work against ethnic, racial, religious or linguistic groups. Gerrymandering has been applied in two ways; one is to strengthen and the other is to weaken the influence of minority voters on a political party. The process of gerrymandering has been in the United States since the year 1810, and it first applied in Massachusetts. Executives and other ruling officials use gerrymandering to place their parties at an advantage hence it is a prejudiced way of winning leadership positions. Recently, the state of Wisconsin was gerrymandered to favor the Republicans. The Republicans had violated the rights embedded in the constitution since the rule that assigns each a single vote was not observed. The gerrymandering process applied in Wisconsin did not favor Democrat candidates since the legislative jurisdictions were manipulated to place candidates affiliated with the Republican Party at an advantage over their Democrat counterparts ("Wisconsin’s Gerrymander Being Struck Down Should Scare Republicans Nationwide - The Washington Post"). The Democrats were unfairly distributed in the lawmaking districts hence giving the Republican

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