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Final Art Evaluation My artwork is titled Tomorrow is Today. The theme of the same piece of artwork is personal emancipation. During the process of developing my artwork, I drew on my feelings, memories and thoughts as a source of inspiration. It might have been difficult, but I had a lot to work with throughout the entire process. It gave me a chance to revisit the past and have a better understanding of my feelings and emotions that would help me in making the art. Throughout the entire process of creating my artwork, I have developed an acute sense of self-awareness and have gained a deeper insight into who I am. Revisiting the past also gave me a chance to understand how prior experiences and past situations helped shape me into what I am today. Techniques I conducted research on various methods to learn which was the most convenient and easily manageable for me. After digging thoroughly through vast amounts of data on the internet, I settled on crosshatching and pointillism. I used crosshatching for the face, as it was not too complicated to execute. The crosshatching effect was done by using a small amount of acrylic paint, which was orange in color. The crosshatching was also done in a light yet perpendicular manner that moved from the ear to chin with the desire to achieve a 3-D effect. Next, I used the pointillism technique to dot patterns from an eye-catching background to create a sense of depth and distance. I settled on three colors that were black, white and a mixture of the two, gray. They were complimentary colors and would also contrast in spectacular fashion. However, the desired visual effect would only be seen by a person as they moved their

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