Films as Plays

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The Wedding Singer A theatrical movie is one that occurs live within a stage venue such as a playhouse. On the other hand, cinematic films are those that are recorded and played on a two-dimensional screen or projector. Hence, this implies that cinematic movies can be played anywhere as compared to the theatrical movies that require actual performances by the respective characters in the different scenes or plays. “The Wedding Singer” was originally a theatrical film that was performed in weddings. The playwright believed that live singing is a special treat to those who are getting married and their several guests as it helps to make the service memorable and romantic. Therefore, this paper shall establish different reviews that portray it to be a theatrical film and provide supporting evidence on whether the choice was a wise one for a musical. In the 1980s, Robbie Hart used to sing the hits in weddings and other celebrations that he was invited in his hometown. The songs kept the party going in good spirit, and he knew what to say and the right time to alter particular songs. Hence, the actual performances made him interact with many people, an act that made him love theatrical performances as compared to cinematic enactments. Similarly, Julia was initially a waitress in the events that Robbie used to perform before they both met prepared for their weddings. Therefore, this shows that “The Wedding Singer” was originally a theatrical movie before it started to be recorded and played on a two-dimensional screen. The different productions of the musical reveal its theatrical characteristics that are preferred over the

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