Film Review: “Robin Hood”

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Film Review: “Robin Hood” When people hear of Robin Hood, what linger in their minds is the ancient “Adventures of Robin Hood,” starred by Errol Flynn. “Robin Hood” is a stylish rascal that involves a "noble" king fighting to oppose the unreasonable taxes that are imposed on the people by Prince John through the authorities of Nottingham. From 1938, the manifestation of Robin Hood has always been different, but the plot and the theme of the story have always remained related to make more sense to the partially changing audience. The 2010 Robin Hood film is an epic British-American war that is directed by Ridley Scott. The stars in the movie include Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchette, Max Von Sydow, William Hurt, Mark Strong and Oscar Isaac. The film begins with Sherwood robbers running through the forest in the middle of the night. The robbers race through the Nottingham and put their horses ready for invasion. Cate Blanchette, who plays Lady Marion and wife of Sir Robert Loxley, wakes up her workers and demands that they open up the gates. She then takes an arrow, set it on a flame and then shoots it at the feet of one of the attackers. Just after the robbers had left, she comes to realize that the grains were stolen and therefore, they had nothing to plant on the fields. Meanwhile, Robin leads his troops back to their camp where they sit to strategize for another invasion. Unfortunately, in the next Crusade, King Richard is killed by an archer, and that marks the genesis of another regime. It is perhaps one of the most epic and darkest stories that have ever been told. Disappointed after the brutality, they experienced in the first attack, Robin Hood and some

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