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Film Review The powerful film is responsible for evoking a wide range of emotion within the audience which, as is often the case, are diametrically opposite. The films Minority Report and the Peeping Tom are no exceptions to this. Critically acclaimed the world over, the films directed by Steven Spielberg and Michael Powell respectively, take the audience through the roller coaster of emotions such as a deep sense of empathy with the characters, or, from a contrary, perspective, a sense of estrangement with the same. I chose to address the questions regarding the use of alternating perspective within the films since I consider it a critical element of presentation of the narrative. The shift from the view of a character as in their individual sense, for instance, when Anderton is wasting away his life, or when Lewis contemplates his victims' death through his own recordings in Peeping Tom. Subsequently, I opted to evaluate the portrayal of motifs of attraction, owing to the various means by which it is often extenuated in various entertainment media. The effectiveness of the main love narrative at capturing the audience, such as the first time Lewis and Helen started conversing, is intrinsic to the success of the entire film and by extension, speaks to the viewers on a more profound level. I chose to handle the aspect of marriage in the films as it forms an integral part of the narrative, for instance, in Minority Report, Anderton is desperately holding onto the memory of himself still married. It is both what exists as a hurdle from him moving on, as well as his ultimate solid rock. In the film, Peeping Tom, the audience feels a considerable distance from the main

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