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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Film History The New Yolk Times magazine review. The Public Enemy was an action film released in 1931 by a popular director named William A. Wellman. The film was criticized and supported by many movie review analysts before its initial release. For instance, Andre Sennwald happened to review the film before its initial release. He published his overall analysis as an article on the New York Time magazine for the citizen to read. According to Sennwald, the Public Enemy film was just a gangster themed movie that contains a weaker storyline by it was well facilitated by action scenes that made it enjoyable to watch (Sennwald, 1). Additionally, the prime intention for many gangster film producers such as Warner in the 1930s was aimed at exposing the criminals who operated the underworld. Therefore, the Public Enemy was based on the principle of highlighting the violence and criminality of the underworld mob culture (Sennwald, 1). Consequently, many elements of movie reviews were used by Andre Sennwald in his review. These factors incorporate the entertainment value of the movie, the motivation of events that happened in the film, the social importance of film, the aesthetic value and social values projected in the film. For instance, he acknowledges the fact that the film was interesting and entertaining in nature (Sennwald, 1). The frequent explosion of machine-guns fire was effective in projecting the action nature of the film. The setting of the movie is based during the prohibition days where the public quest for drinking made the underworld criminals rich. They also project life through the great depression period and how the

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