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LGBTQ Representation – A Themed Film Festival Name: Institution: Part 1 The current age film industry is constantly evolving and airing some of the most controversial societal issues. The interpretation of lesbians, gays, bisexual, transsexual and queer is evident in many films – and this approach is used to include all categories of viewers. More clearly, film directors and creators constantly seek to champion segregated populations of viewers and to champion for the views and perspectives of segregated populations based on their sexual orientations (Benshoff and Griffin, 2006). While the inclusion of LGBTQ populations elicits provocative views and raises a range of questions from straight individuals and viewers, it constantly seeks to champion for equal rights in public. It also ensures that individuals and viewers are not segregated or even manipulated based on their sexual identities and orientations. There are three major films of the 21st century and conventional movies which have evidently included characters who are either lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transsexual individuals. The Empire film is an American Television show starred by Taraji P. Henson acting as Cookie and Luscious Lyon, the couple owns and manages the largest entertainment company in the city. Their son Jamal Lyon is exemplified as gay whose primary interests are on fellow guys that mostly happen to be his fans. Jamal Lyon is a talented and well-polished song writer and RnB artist, but he struggles to find approval from his father because of his gay orientation. In another film, Sense 8, Lito and Nomi find themselves entangled in the wave of love but have an interest in both lesbian

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