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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: The article is succinct in its explanation as to why one language encloses its users and limits their abilities and opportunities. Language use is indeed a necessity in both the economic and social communications, and thus, anything that renders it weak should be addressed effectively. However, the world has particularly moved away from languages instead of getting people to embrace not only their native language but diversify in other languages As a way to appreciate civilizations and accommodate other interactions that vary in their dialects to that of our own. For instance, the article notes that in schools modern languages have become twilight languages where "You study them on your own when the school is out” (Hofman 2). Therefore, the effect of sticking to a single language does not only compromise it's quality regarding pronunciation, grammar, accents amongst other components but also locks out other languages that may be used by individuals to complement their native language. Hofman, the author of the article, singles out English and writes it in the context of the British people. He likens a single language to a person's skin. In the case of the skin, one has only one and is encased in it for the rest of his life. The analogy exposes the versatility of language that Britain has and their reluctance in learning new languages. By this, he urges the Britons to learn other languages apart from their mother tongue. He also cautions that if they continue development their disinterest in language, their language will become alien to them as they are not giving sufficient time to its study and growth. The

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