Fighting Burrito

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date Conclusions and Recommendations More and more online operations are carried out Smartphone rather than computers. The portability of the phone combined with the increasing ease of access to packet and bandwidth data enables individuals to access internet based information wherever and whenever the need arises. As a result, more people prefer to shop online and have their product delivered which has the convenience of time, space, and logistics. This makes mobile Apps essential to the success of any venture today. Fighting Burrito had already anticipated this development and had had mobile Apps for both Apple and Android Smartphone users. However, there are some inconsistencies in the application design that can cause it to result in of customers rather than bring in more customers. The following are some of the recommendations that we propose so as to enhance the App functionalities. Synchronize the information on the App with that on the website; this will prevent confusion to customers who may come to the restaurant at closed hours. It clients feel that the information provided is misleading, they will opt to use other service providers. Include add-on and pop-ups that will notify subscribers whenever there are new services or offers that encourage clients to come into the shop at times when there are no customers. Improve user-friendliness by adding functionalities that allow customers to access the App even without internet connections or in areas with poor connectivity. Include improvements that allow the client to synchronize the information in their phone with such as contacts. This can encourage people to invite

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