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Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date Fermentation Lab ReportYeast refers to a single-celled fungus that bakers use for commercial purpose since CO2 makes the dough to rise. Besides, yeast is used by vintners and brewers because the fermentation process is used to produce ethanol. Notably, yeast is a perfect model to explore energy metabolism since the CO2 generated as the byproduct of fermentation and respiration process could be captured and quantified. Yeast fermentation is also referred to as the alcoholic fermentation. Fermentation refers to the process through which yeast converts the sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol in absence of oxygen (Dawson 532). The experiment will test different types of sugars to establish the ones that fermented the most in the presence of yeast. The experiment will also help establish the way sugars are likely or unlikely to have an impact on the generation of carbon dioxide and ethanol. Therefore, the experiment will expose yeast to various sugar substrates that are contained in an oxygen-free condition. The sugars that can be transformed to pyruvate could then experience fermentation (Russell, Hertz, and McMillan 177). The carbon dioxide created as the byproduct of the fermentation process will be trapped within the system. The trapped carbon dioxide will be quantified and become the basis for comparing the utilization of the various sugars by yeast. The reason behind the fermentation process is to examine the way we could make the most carbon dioxide. The experiment will help establish the way chemical makeups of particular sugars impact the process of yeast fermentation. The experiment will also

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