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Student's name: Professor's Name: Course number: Date: Humans are among the most social creatures in nature. Isolation becomes evident when a person completely or incompletely loss contact with other individuals in the society. When people become isolated, they signal that they can have emotion on certain aspects of their lives and most of the time, they feel that things have turned against them. If in a complete state of isolation, a person can feel depressed, alone and lonely. In August Wilson play Fences a theme that stands talks about how the black people feel isolated, and thus they have difficulties living the American Dream. In the essay, we can be able to tell the depiction the author portrays relating to the real world issues that affect the black society. Isolation, in reality, is a menace that causes depression among people. Some who are in this state may opt to induce the same feeling to their co-generation to end their bad feelings. There are various types of isolation human can experience. This range from social, emotional, and physical isolation. In this context, we will explore and deeply analyze the concept of social discrimination and segregation that the black American experience in their lives and its impact on their coming generation. In the play, it is evident that both the American and the immigrants are working hard to live the American dream. The dream can be achieved through having a family, a home, and a good job and all are in the pursuit to achieving happiness and a successful future (Koprince 352). August, in his play, however, demonstrate the struggle Troy, the protagonist, has to go through to live this American dream. He has to

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