Fences by August Wilson

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Fences by August Wilson Fences one among Wilsons plays whose aim was to depict the lives of the black people in America before the civil rights movement. The play uses drama to show the conflicting lives that the blacks lived at the time. Conflicts between husbands and spouses, fathers and sons and at the workplace between employees and their bosses dominate the play. In addition, the play shows how difficult it was for the resources blacks to live in a financial city. The drama is typical of the 1950s lifestyle embraced by the blacks, an extension of the lives that this minority group lived after the demolition of slavery by Lincoln (Toledano 65). Although a sense of freedom for the blacks was achieved through the abolishment of slavery, the government did not have good strategies to integrate these free slaves into the society. As a result, most of the blacks ended up seeking a life outside the law leading to a conviction. Troy spends most of his life in jail because the lives of his father’s generation continue to influence the actions and the decisions of the new generation (Furr 41). Further, Troy passes these traits to his sons by instilling his perception of life and manhood to them. He chases Cory away from the house so that he can fend for himself and become a man because according to Troy, that is the only way a boy child can mature. The play is set in the backyard of Troy, and most of the issues, including the title of the play are created within his family. Fences were first played in the year 1987 at the 46th street theater in Broadways. Lloyd Richard directed the play at the time, but many changes have occurred over the decades. Different directors and

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