Feminist solidarity

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Name Instructor Course Date Feminist Solidarity In an articulate and eloquent consideration of women’s collective action, Walia and Mohanty briefly discuss the context of rising individualism and unstoppable spread of the modern liberal economic ideas across the world. This delves into the continued effort by women all over the globe to liberate themselves, change their lives and their image in the society. Their ret-thinking are based on the dynamics of work, motivation and processes of coming into being, development of movements and engagement in collective actions. According to Mohanty, there has been very vibrant and transnational women’s movement all over US and globe. However, the corporatization and privatization of public life have made it so challenging to notice the movements in the US. The movements are entirely conservative, antiracist, and radicalized despite being entirely unnoticed by the large community of chauvinists. However, where feminist movements are based on facets of sociopolitical and racial differences, they are classified in the same class as antiracism movements (Mohanty 107). According to Walia, indigenous movements have been intertwined with struggles against poverty, police, racism, and environmental justice. This blocks them from instigating the core purpose that is women liberation and global solidarity y (Walia 46). Even though women in the US have won most of their fight on gender-related denials more is needed to institutionalize their modern differences. Mohanty asserts that the current challenges are cultural psychic and imaginative bars especially in the political field (Mohanty 108). Women have not yet cracked the nut

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