Feminism in Hip Hop

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Feminism in Hip Hop. For decades, hip-hop has been viewed as a genre where women have been commodified and objectified. Although women have also been part of the hip-hop music scene from as early as the 1970s, their contribution has been seen as minimal. It thus became necessary to change the opinion of artists and audiences alike regarding how women are viewed in the hip-hop. No one was ever going to effect this change except for the females themselves. Women would not be the passive sex that everybody was used to (Radner and Stringer 110). According to Pough, women held themselves and their peers responsible for not only effecting the necessary change but for encouraging people to identify complicity (Pough 82). The following essay shall look at the role that black females have in hood movies that revolve around being agents of change. The role of women as catalysts and agents of change has been depicted in films such as Set it off and Straight outta Compton. The former film manages to do this more than the latter. This is mainly because all the lead characters in Set it off is females. In this movie, it is clear that the women want better lives and to escape from the projects. They take up janitorial work to try to make an honest living but what they receive is not enough to take care of them and their families. The women come off as aggressive and have an “all it takes” kind of attitude. Such is epitomized by the women’s desire to recover their money from Luther after he had stolen it. They track him down to a motel, and when he threatens one of them with a gun, he is shot. They even go as far as intimidating a witness to the crime and having a shootout with

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