Female correctional officers in male prisons. Gender role stereotypes in correctional facilities.

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Female Correctional Officers in Male Prisons: Gender Role Stereotypes in Correctional Facilities Name: Institution: Female Correctional Officers in Male Prisons: Gender Role Stereotypes in Correctional Facilities Correctional facilities have for the most part been male-dominated and most of the inmates and guards are usually men, with no female guard in some male prisons. This predominantly male environment is often a great challenge for the female officers because of the gender role stereotype that the female officers are subjected to by their colleagues, supervisors, and even inmates (Griffin, 2013; Patrick, 2014). There is a general assumption that women are physically and mentally weak to work in hostile environments that characterize male prisons. While it is true that the state in these prisons is not friendly, women too have the ability to handle the demanding tasks. For those working in correctional settings, supervisors tend to assign routine duties to female officers in a discriminating way (Whitehead, Dodson, & Edwards, 2015). Older and experienced male prison officers usually harbor negative views towards female correctional officers and correctional facilities with the least proportion of female officers have a tendency to have masculine subcultures that refuse to accept female officers. The prevalence of stereotypes against female officers is the outcome of mistaken beliefs that women do not have the mental and physical ability to handle inmates. It might also be because male prisoners are often physically imposing and, therefore, female officers are usually seen as too frail to handle such persons. Therefore, female correctional officers are

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