Federal Protective Service (FPS)

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Federal Protective Service Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Under the social contract, the government promises to offer security to its citizens. It has to put in place different agencies that concentrate on security to achieve this. However, the government also becomes the victim of insecurity sometimes, and that is why it needs a dedicated agency to ensure that its facilities are protected. The Federal Protective Service is the agency that is primarily tasked with ensuring that the federal agencies can perform effectively by dealing with any security threats that target them. It is under Department of Homeland Security. Even though the agency has a crucial duty in ensuring the security of the nation, it faces many challenges. This makes people doubt its effectiveness. Budgeting is its major challenge. It does not have the right number of people because it cannot afford to pay them with the money it receives to conduct its duties. It also lacks experts to handle its different duties. Keywords: agencies, security, federal, challenges, duties, budget Federal Protective Service The Federal Protective Service is a security agency under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This federal agency is charged with different duties meant to ensure that the other federal agencies can conduct their duties in a secure environment. The primary duty of the agency is to safeguard the security of the federal agencies nationwide and to protect other premises owned by the government of the United States. Apart from playing this role, the agency also works closely with the criminal justice system to help in criminal investigations, it trains the federal tenants

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