Federal Judges – Enforce or Interpret the Law?

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Criminal Justice Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Federal Judges Enforce and Interpret the Law The Ruling and the Rationale Decision: The artist should be convicted for obscene representation of sexual abuse of children Rationale: Federal Statutory laws prohibit obscenity associated with children under section 1470 of Title 18 and section 1466A of Title 18 of the United States’ Code. According to the provision, any individual who intentionally represents or attempts to represent through electronic, drawings, painting or cartoons that appear to depict minors being involved in sexually explicit behavior is culpable for obscenity (McKee, 2011). In the drawing, some sexual minority groups are represented, which may tend to suggest that it the artwork is advocating for the rights of the LGBT community. Most states and federal laws recognize the rights of sexual minority groups in but prohibit pedophilic behaviors. In this sense, the artwork does not promote public morality because of the violation of children rights. Sex with minors is unlawful in the federal judicial law, and the artist may serve not less than ten years in jail if the Federal Judges prove beyond reasonable doubt that the artwork promotes sexual acts with the minors (Spooner & Wright, 2014). Dismissing Personal Bias from the Decision This decision is completely free from personal feelings because it is clearly defined in the Federal Statutory laws. The other forms of sexual acts represented in the artwork cannot overturn the decision reached through analyzing the unlawful representation of children. The acts of necrophilia, bestiality and sadomasochism represent sexual

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