Features Of A Literary Text Revised 6

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Features of a literary text Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Langton Hughes’s “salvation” is the perfect representation of what a literary text is. The masterpiece gives the role of a literary text. The text can either be oral or written compositions that use language creatively and aesthetically to arouse the reader's feelings and thoughts and also to entertain them. Literary and non- literary texts are distinguished by their use of language devices. While literal texts use symbolism and metaphor-figurative techniques- to create deeper meaning and pass a message non-literary texts are mostly plain and to the point. Thematic issues in non-literary texts are simple and do not need much interpretation. The creativity involved in the use of literature encompasses various elements that are used to pass along the message to the readers efficiently. The features of a literary text can be, the plot, characterization, stylistic devices namely irony and symbolism and lastly, the setting of the literary text. The setting is simply the place where the action takes place while the stylistic devices like irony describe the methods used to convey the message efficiently. In the “salvation,” the author has used efficiently irony as a dominant feature. The idea of being saved is ironically used to point to the fact that the character is not even saved despite the requirements from the church. The plot of the short story revolves around the church and the conflict surrounding the young boy who has to get saved but has no belief in the church. The setting is in a church where the congregation is in prayer, preaching and singing to win more souls for Christ

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