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Name: Professor: Couse: Date: It Is Time to Stop the Unregulated Consumption of Fast Foods in America Fast food is a special kind of meal that comprises of highly processed foodstuff, with ingredients that are easy to prepare and to take. Unfortunately, fast foods do not contain the requisite contents each healthier foods should contain. It means that taking more of fast foods leads to an imbalanced diet, a condition that may cause health problems. The food contains high salt, high sugar and high level of saturated fats. Though they may be tasty and can easily fill one up for a short time, they pose high-level health risks to the users. Eating fast foods is a new trend that has been linked to many health related problems. Therefore, it is possible to believe that in the modern America, many people turn to eat fast food more often rather than food cooked at home and this contributes to a big social problem. The alarming increase in obesity cases in America is attributed to the increase in the use of fast foods. Obesity is a condition where the body has too much fat than the normal requirements. The saturated fats that are ingested with the fast foods get deposited in the body tissues as they are so much excess the body cannot get rid of them (Hoffman et al. 72). When obese people check their Basal Metabolic Rate, they find that there is an imbalance in the body fats and other weight factors. According to Hoffman, taking fast foods meals means that a person ingests up to 10 g of fats in an 86 g of food (72-3). This represents up to 15% of the total food being fat. Out of the fat contents, saturated fats comprise 3.1 g, making up to 30% of the total fats. This

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