Fast food evaluation

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Fast food evaluation Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Abstract In the last few years, various fast food restaurants have emerged. Such restaurants usually offer quick services when serving meals. Their meals range from burgers, fries, chicken, beef and even vegetables. People love to visit the places, but many experts have raised concerns about the health implications of the meals that they offer. Many dieticians have shown that most of the meals provided have high levels of fat and sodium that endanger the health of the customers. However, due to competition many of the restaurants have responded by trying to incorporate some foods that appeal to the health-conscious public. A close analysis of the meals offered at McDonald’s, Arby’s and Burger King will highlight some of the healthier options available at the restaurants. Hence, in this paper, I will show some of the meals that contain lower levels of fats, calories, and sodium. The analysis will show that individuals should not be so fascinated with fast food restaurants as the bulk of the food consists of unhealthy components. Keywords: Fast food, sodium, fats, calories, healthy. First impression on the menu of McDonald's, Burger King and Arby’s McDonald is now one of the most prominent fast food joints in the world. According to Aldana (2010), the giant company is not only a big influence on the economy but also on the health of the people. The firm sells food that contains over seventy cancer promoting ingredients and butane-based preservatives that endanger the health of the public. Most of their meals such as fries and chicken contain high levels of fats and calories that cause obesity. The American

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